Canal cleaning required

Please do something about the small canal near BT Kawade Road. It has overgrown moss and other plants which is causing the breeding of mosquitoes in the area. Thank you

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Dangerous Bus Parking

For past few weeks I have seen bus parking near Infosys and Wipro. They are dangerously parked and it prone to accident.

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The road from St Mira's bridge leading towards lane 5 has been dug up some work, but it has not been properly covered after the work was over. This is causing a major problem to the residents especially in the peak hours.

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Broken drainage

This drain has been broken as soon as the monsoon hit us. The overflowing drain water has spawned many insects including mosquitoes. And with the increasing cases of Dengue in our city, this drain could cause problems to a lot of residents of the area.
Please take appropriate action.

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Crash protectors needed at flyover

This needs attention as it is dangerous to motorists as well as residents and pedestrians near by.

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