For years, there is not change in story when it comes to the potholes that we have to face and dodge year after year. It is disheartening that while we speak of #SmartCity and #Development, the basic need of a developed community is the need for good transportation infrastructure whether it is the public or private transport.
Of course part of the problem lies with us, we "apparently" just don't care. Because while each one of us is more or less equally affected by the bad road conditions, an overwhelming majority of the people would not go out of their comfort zone to make sure that we let the authorities know that this is a problem that need attention. Every year we rejoice with the first rain and moan at the second and all consecutive rainfalls because of the trouble that it brings with it. It is worth mentioning here that although we cannot resolve the problem with a magic bullet, there are things we can do. The least of them being that we let them know this is unacceptable, and to applaud them when they do do their jobs. After all, who does not need a little job satisfaction.
Let us get together and report the problems we face. With technology at our hands we don't really have to worry about the "headache" of going to the PMC offices or the local Corporators offices to do so. The PMC itself has launched a portal to get things reported which are related to specific "PMC related" complaints, or you can use our app here here which intends to resolve more than your average civic issues and which can also serve as a platform for communication between the designated authorities and us the "Cityzen's".
Lets get things done!

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