This is the first in the series where we are trying to explain how different types of Reports posted by you will work on Cityzen. And as with everything else we start off with the ladies first.

We Indians have had more than enough share about Women's Safety, but unfortunately there is not much that seems to be done that would prove as a long term solution for these problems. Believe us, there is NO QUICK FIX! But whatever talk that is happening around since "Nirbhaya" and some solutions are there out there seem to be focused completely on the quick fix though process. So while it is good that many people are doing something for the betterment of the fairer sex, the efforts need to be in the right direction. You can download any of the apps from a plethora of apps, but remember these are for those emergency situations. So do download atleast one, and we all hope that nobody would need to use them.

So while the extreme conditions can be tackled in most cases using these apps (we don't know how efficient they are or if they have actually worked for anybody) we intend to take care of the smaller things which are much more rampant and widespread, which is eve-teasing. Most of us generally don't even hear about these problems because nobody really reports them, and there in lies the problem. These small offences are the ones that build up the confidence in people who are not quite right in their minds. Confidence that nothing will happen to them, and such small things are not even "serious" (Only the female population can say definitively how many times in a day they have to face this problem and how "serious" this problem actually is.

At Cityzen, we vow to make our best efforts to try and make a change in these aspects. How? Well if you ladies report your eve teasing experiences (irrespective of how big or small the offence was), we will collect this data on the offences and at regular intervals create heat maps of where and at what time the offences occurred. This can give us a very good idea of the "problem area's" in our society. These regular reports will be given to the right authorities, whether it be a local police station and/or the Commissioner of police (depending upon the intensity).

The reason for taking this approach instead of directly reporting the offence immediately is because of several hurdles like the time to respond and more importantly we have to remember that the "Police to Population" ratio for Maharashtra is 167 for every 1,00,000 people which is by no means an easy feat for the force to take care of every individual separately. With the heat maps they should be able to focus on the problem areas and with time the number of such areas should reduce automatically.

Do comment if you have something to add to this though process or even if you entirely disagree with it. We'll be happy to talk it out.
Take care ladies.

Posted by Admin Team

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