The problem with the modern technology is that although it is a great addition to our lifestyle, we often tend to abuse it. The reason for this being the basic human nature of "instant gratification", which makes you feel good for a short term when you are doing any one of the things that your Know are not good for you. A good example of that would be constant use of the cell-phones for communication and entertainment. In fact a recent ad-hoc survey reports that as many as 92% of people of New York have stated that the first thing that they do right after getting up is to 'check their cellphone'. So although there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it begs to ask the question are we addicted to something that is supposed to be just a tool in our lives?

This series of blogs will tackle 3 important aspects of modern lives that were not there in the 90's (aka the best decade ever!). With this part focusing on modern "screen" technologies like laptops and cell-phones and the effects it has on your physical and your mental health.

So while we may not be able to really turn off our devices and pay more attention to real life and have real conversations (yet), we should make sure that it does not affect the physical health that is equal importance if not more. This includes making sure that we don't put ourselves at risk while driving, walking or even while having a dinner.

Here's good advice from the orthopaedic point of view for preventing physical harm to ourselves.

Any comments are welcome, and please do share if you think that you know somebody who is facing the same problems tackled above. It just might help them out.

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